Wees Welkom, Bienvenido,



Tere Tulemast,Tervetuloa!

die alle begrip te boven gaat zal uw harten en uw gedachten bewaken in Christus Jezus  ^^^^^^^^^

SING ALONG AND GET CHEERFULL GOD HAS IT ALL IN CONTROL....                                                           


(We are going to the

land beyond the sky)not in the official tekst!

We shall soon behold

our Isaac in the blessed

eternity ?????

What a happy ,happy 

meeting that wil be!


Oh ,get ready! The evening shadows fall

Don't you hear the Eliezer call ?

There's going to be a wedding!

And our joy will soon begin,

In the evening when the cameltrain comes in!   2X


The official tekst is more beautiful. The music itself is uplifting and cheerfull

as it ought to be! INY


PLEASE LOOK.... TROUGH.... YOUR OWN                                                                   EYES

The Lord is my Rock and salvation...


INY 1:  Look through your eyes                  

INY 2: Hines ma tov.......

INY 3: Mijn hobby.....and 10.000 reasons YOU                        SHOULD SEE AND HEAR

               THE VIDEO about KINGS

INY 4: Respuesta fisica..  Total                                                              Physical Response .

INY 5: Kids Corner 

INY 6: Iny vertelt: Er was er eens...

                Do you like to hear a dutch  fairytale ?

                Te gusta escuchar un cuento de hadas                           Holandes?

                Aimez -vous entendre un conte de fees                        Neerlandais?

INY 7: Will we be able?               

INY8:  Dutch words

INY9: The wrath of Gd.....

INY10: How te talk Dutch...

INY 11: Michele la Belle

INY12: High Priest....

INY 13:Community:  one-ness in Christ Jesus 

INY 14: Green Smoothies, nonsence or not?

INY 15: It is different....