Wees Welkom, Bienvenido,



Tere Tulemast,Tervetuloa!

This children's song has passed me

several times in my life: At first when I was with my grandmother's house and I played with my cousins this play and learned the text while playing.

The second time when I was in the training's school for teachers and I learned how to play and learn the children: the plays we learned from our parents...

 The third time was actually as a teacher of the infant school and had a lots of pleasure with my kids in the class...We played that play regularly...

                                              The fourth time was with  family they sang a children's song  

but not in a pleasant way.............

                                              This fifth time I read it in a book which was fallen open on the ground in the room of our house ....on page 274 Kennen en vertrouwen Handreiking van de prediking van de Heidelbergse Catechismus. ( Dr. W. Verboom gaf hierin ook  zijn bijdrage).  And by the grace of God I translated this play into a different setting It goes like this:

White people Black people

Who wants to go to Engelland (Heaven)

Engelland is closed

The key is broken

 Is there no man who can repaire 

YES It's the sun of the carpenter 

Don't worry 2x

The last will be first 



INY 1: Look through your eyes                  

INY 2: One people.....

INY 3: Mijn hobby.....and 10.000 reasons YOU                        SHOULD SEE AND HEAR.......

               THE VIDEO about KINGS

INY 4: Respuesta fisica..  Total                                                              Physical Response .

INY 5: Kids Corner 

INY 6: Iny vertelt: Er was er eens...

                Do you like to hear a dutch  fairytale ?

                Te gusta escuchar un cuento de hadas                           Holandes?

                Aimez -vous entendre un conte de fees                        Neerlandais?

INY 7:....under construction              

INY8:  Dutch words

INY9: Everything is going on as GOD wants it

INY10: How to talk Dutch...

INY 11: Temptation Verleiding

INY12: High Priest....

INY 13: Hoe kijk je door je ogen en niet met je ogen alleen

INY 14: God vernieuw!

INY 15: Coved 19 Ins en outs... Must look!

                  those videos do look with your eyes

                   this is not for us