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Mijn  hobby :

Hier verlies ik mijzelf in!

Its my hobby I can loose myself in here.....



De schilderijen vanaf de dood van mijn eerste man november 2005 tot heden juni 2020

The first 35 paintings I made in The Hague after the death of my first husband

William Verschuure who lived too short  He was 70 when he died. I was very happy with him an AWESUME man to me.

We lived 15 years together for bad and worse but mostly happy with each other and satisfied about the things we had , sharing love, harmony and understanding. The last three years we were married. He has died on prostate cancer which became bone cancer.  But why did God took him away.......... Hopefully I will get once the answer.....


I learned to be alone again and started to rebuilt my flat putted it upside down and my life too. By committing to the protestant believe. I had back up from people in this congregation.I felt seen by them. A new world went open for me. I could built up my conviction in Christ Jesus and I painted on with the new technique of making at first the lines on the paper.I saw that on the television program in my flat.  Why I painted all that I can tell you now. I was ill from the moment William died 25 of november in 2005. You call that a frozen Greeve. I study now a book Desirable Power BCA USA www.jacobkorthuis.com/nl

What I did was life spearing I made the bridge all my emotions on the paper in the form of paintings interesting is not it. And I painted my second husband long before I saw him !

In this row above the first painting you see a head next on the left of a sea dog that is the face of Hans. The pastor who was giving me backup in that time after the death of William saw those paintings too at that time.

I met Hans my second husband on an activity in the church. The second time when I went with the tram to the church. We sat in the church next to each other that evening . It was 4 years after Williams death.

Since that evening we where not alone anymore. As I say this I tell you a secret This thought was all wrong I am never alone .That time I did not had the wisdom as I have today 10 years later. Still we are together and we made quite a trip next to each other and not with each other. The reason is not in the combination of personalities. Simply the leading of the Holy Ghost in our life. We went trough a storm and we invited Him always to come and participate in it. I can say this afterwards. My trust in Him was growing the more I obeyed Him on His word. I was happy with a joy I never have felt before. A quiet feeling came over me I still have that its wonderful . I can cry it out loud to every one. I am not ashamed of anything I talk with my Lord and redeemer every day. He tells me what to do or not to do and warns me beforehand by dreams and visions and words! You don't have to be jealous at me because we all can have this relation with the Lord Jesus. He is working with you in another way because we are al the same but different in our thoughts. He knows how to approach you to hit you to get you down on your knees and that is what he wants, your love and life.

Below this word you see me a crying lady who let her ego die, putted my life under the cross and followed Jesus by marrying  Hans and be his servant and take care of him. The biggest reward I got from Hans this last year a compliment after long struggling "Stay as you are dear Elly! "  Yes Hans I got it.

I love my husband after a long time of misunderstandings. I give God's love to him Oh no it is no sex or lusting love . That is not possible  anymore. No , it is unconditional love. We have learned it . Besides he experiences  life on another level  as  I do.  I am a coach of my own marriage with wisdom and conviction in my soul and no one can take this away I have done it ALL I got this in a word of the All Mighty Himself

I do hope I will get respect of you when you read this  instead of lies.  Go and stand for the mirror and take your own faults away before you will judge others. LETS STAND IN LIFE TOGETHER IN LOOKING OF THE THINGS WE HAVE IN COMMON....THAT'S MORE THAN YOU THINK




My Heritage gave me a total different way to follow in 2020 The Lord Himself will give us something new which goes beyond all imagination!

I AM WAITING ON THE LORD............... YOU TOO????????????????????????????????????

LET'S WAIT TOGETHER ........................

Just explanation of those boxes in my living room they are not mine........!


It is due to a lack of money that we cannot aford a box anymore to store those books


It's not junk but precious books of Hans. He had a bookshop in The  Hague


Now he is selling his books it will be alright one day!

I write here the the words I spoke in the Dutch

I look in the mirror back at the lines (That puts you in a other perspective another distance and an other angle)

As I think sometimes in pictures I can see the forms in its whole being. 

Sometimes I just start painting with a special colour  arrangement. As I painted the form was accuring and the result you see above......inspired by kimonos as  a colour arrangement. 

Those lines which I make on the sharp point of my balcony  leads me to different results. As you can see a big variety ! You can use several sharp issues like stones which I used in my  flat in The Hague .

All my paintings are a life story with ups and downs like everyone has or will have in his or her life.

What unusual is, that my DNA is discouvert as being English and one part related to the family of my mother.

Because both my parents are dead the love letters are burned from a Sally out of the United States (my father said that she was married to a banker). 

And of cause no one wants to know me anymore. I started up to look on internet and  discouvert amazing things about that Lady.

Fell into a trap and the wrong people they "luted "my whole capital......

I have my own conviction about this and as a christian I invested in the kingdom of God. Lead by His Spirit and Word. So I live in the Spirit and not in the flesh Corona or not, money or not.... He is taking care of me.

I am a cheer full giver but now my money has gone . Myself enough to live and have a roof over our head. My peace and joy are increasing instead of that money. One day I know the truth about this all....Besides God knows it ALL....I putted it under His cross....

But if you want to surprise me  and donate so that I can even paint, teach Dutch more and better please do so! I thank you beforehand for that!....


Elly van Veen

Prinsenhof 103

2263EV Leidschendam

The Netherlands

BANK: NL23 INGB 0000571809

The last Christmascard from my dad before he died in a London Hospital : Chasefarmhospital . I  knew that this was his last trip and that he never returned home. I warned him just like my mother and first husband William. They did not listen and died.