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Deze winkel en de Book store gaan nog niet functioneren voordat het automatisch

betalingssysteem van Mollie op een goede manier kan functioneren! 

Dieser laden und die Buchhandlung werden erst funktionieren, wenn Mollies automatisches

Zahlungssystem richtig funktionieren kann!

Esta tienda y la libreria no funcionaran hasta que el sistema de pago automatico de Mollie funcione correctamente!

Ce magasin et la librairie ne fonctionnent pas tant que le systeme de paiement automatique

de Mollie ne fonctionnera pas correctement!



The story of :The most beautiful fish of the sea:  What dear is to you, share that with others!!

This children's book above is of a very famous Dutch writer DICK BRUNA Who I admire very much! His style is so complete and so basic very clever!

Inspired by him I designed this figure and putted my name on it : KLAROEN!

I designed a Puppet on a string of woolmaterial.  I only have to have the financial capacity to develop this. I have so many ideas.... I am not yet done and ......very important ...busy with it......